About Ayova Executive Search

Our Approach

Our approach is simple and responsive. At Ayova Executive Search we take the time to really understand what companies and candidates want.

Our research-focused team takes a tactical and planned approach to finding top talented people and placing them in executive roles where they will thrive.

That’s why leading businesses and candidates from across the Engineering, ICT and Consulting sectors choose us as their preferred recruitment partner.

International Mindset

Ayova Executive Search is a Spanish firm and exists to enable exceptional careers around the world. Assimilating, capitalizing and spreading its know-how globally becomes feasible for a company when it considers international mobility management and cultural diversity as HR key factors. Ayova partners you in that tall order, approaching and selecting the best international professionals: Mobile, Multilingual and Multicultural. 



With diverse academic backgrounds ranging from Information Technology, Telecommunications, Business Administration, Legal, Linguistics, Healthcare, and Psychology, our team of consultants is driven by only one passion: Technology. That's why more than 80% of our customers comes from Engineering, Manufacturing and ICT industries. And that also explains why we deliver all our searches with an advanced expertise of Internet recruitment techniques and social media management tools.


Our services

Talent Sourcing


In Spain, France, Germany and Senegal all our consultants are driven by the same ojective: finding, attracting and selecting the right Talent for every level of our customers' businesses. Our two main commitments: it will never take more than 4 months to achieve it, and our clients won't pay anything until we deliver results.


Top Executive Recruitment: 20 to 25% of the yearly package offered to the hired candidate

Professional Recruitment: 15 to 20% of the yearly package offered to the hired candidate

100% Success Fee if exclusivity given during the first month.

Talent Assessment & Coaching


Psychological assessments help the recruiter and the proper candidate to know something more about the candidate's abilities, personality, interests or weaknesses that he/she can not (or does not want to) reveal about him or herself. Ayova Executive Search has been working since 2014 with very renown psychiatric experts to implement a new methodology assessment which combines aptitude and projective tests, and that will give both to the recruiter and the candidate new metrics to evaluate these two key factors to success in any career development: empathy and ego-drive.


120 € / Assessment or Coaching's worked hour (interview)

400 € / Personality Assessment (questionnaire & report)

Talent Mapping


The War for Talent is a reality and particularly in high demand and short supply technological sectors, and in less attractive specific geographical areas where the skills are more scarce. Our talent mapping consulting services are very high value-added research based services. They exploit multiple channels beyond databases and publicly available profiles. Ayova Executive Search offers two services to assist its customers with anticipating and preparing their future openings:  

1.Talent Market Research & Pool Management: talent identification across agreed target and over an agreed period of time.

2.Diversity Mapping: talent identification across defined diversity criteria and within a targeted geographical zone (Europe - Africa)

Conditions: 500 to 1.000 € / identified and/or tracked profile

International Human Resources Due Diligence


Foreign Private equity and Multinational firms entering into an acquisition in a new country look to identify material human resource risks early in the due diligence process. Company’s top management team, employee talent pool, as well the programmes and infrastructure that helps the company to attract, retain and motivate that talent are the targets of this global human capital assessment:

1. Employee demographics and key terms of employment. 

2. Material compensation and benefit programmes. 

3. Talent Management assessment. 

4. Human Resources transition and succession challenges.

Conditions: 1.500 € / consulting worked day

Main functions staffed by sectors (based on most recent assignments)



  • Human Resources Manager (Hamburg-Germany)
  • Software Development Senior Engineer (Munich-Germany)
  • Embedded Systems Testing Engineer (Hannover-Germany)
  • Hardware Automation Project Leader (Kassel-Germany)
  • Air Traffic Management International Program Director (Toulouse-France)




  • Plant Director (Valladolid-Spain)
  • Supply Chain IS Manager (Paris-France)
  • National Key Account Manager (Madrid-Spain)
  • Mechanical Design Engineer (Nuremberg-Germany)
  • Chief Operations and Sales Officer (Barcelona-Spain)
  • International HR coordinator (Lille-France)
  • National Sales Manager (Valencia-Spain) 

Information & Communication Technologies


  • Chief Technology Officer (Madrid-Spain)
  • Sales Account Leader (Madrid-Spain)
  • Research and Development Director (Paris-France)
  • Game Data Analyst (Hamburg-Germany)
  • User Experience Specialist (Madrid-Spain)
  • Java front end developer (Dusseldorf-Germany)



  • Customer Experience Manager (Madrid-Spain)
  • Business Managers (Madrid-Spain, Brussels-Belgium)
  • Supply Management and Purchase Senior Consultant (Munich-Germany)
  • Senior Project Leader in-house management consulting (Copenhagen-Denmark)
  • HCM Consulting Services Director (Madrid-Spain)

Our Values

Passion for People

People improve performance in organisation, people create technologies, people spread culture and diversity. Simply put, we are passionate about the power of people and love to rediscover it everyday.


We are totally convinced that our customers need and appreciate our reactivity, agility, simplicity and directness. That’s why we work for a limited number of selected clients, and our consultants deliver their missions from end to end.

Confidentiality and Sustainability

Working in the field of the most precious capital, the human one, and having access to the strategic information our clients entrust us with for their projects, demands our utmost respect and confidentiality. This is made possible by Ayova’s financial independence, and by our desire to form lasting relationships with clients and candidates.

Blog & Job Offers

Geotechnical Senior Engineer (+10 y. exp - Fluency in French & Spanish required - Madrid)

Nuestro cliente busca para su departamento de ingeniería del terreno, ubicado en el Área Técnica, un ingeniero geotécnico con al menos 10 años de experiencia, fundamentalmente en diseño de proyectos con gran complejidad geotécnica como túneles y presas de materiales sueltos. Imprescindible inglés y francés. La ubicación es Madrid pero se requiere disponibilidad para desplazamientos, de corta o media duración a fin de dar apoyo a los distintos proyectos nacionales e internacionales. Buscan una persona eminentemente de producción. En función de su valía y nuestras necesidades, se podrá considerar también un rol de liderazgo del equipo geotécnico a medio plazo. (oferta completa a continuación redactada en francés)

APR 29 2016

SAP (Finance and Sales domains) IT Project Manager (Madrid - Spain)

Participate in the European SAP roll-out of our client (an industrial Japanese MNC)  as Consultants and Key Users' coordinator for the Finance & Sales domains, developing a trusted relationship with internal customers, stakeholders and project sponsors.

APR 04 2016

Digital Account Executive - Madrid (Spain) [ON-HOLD status since March 21st]

To accelerate its growth in Spain our customer is looking for a talented digital account executive to join its Sales Department, reporting directly to the VP Sales based in France (job offer written in Spanish).

FEB 17 2016

Leave... and come back better! (English & Spanish version)

Why do companies value an experience abroad so much? The acquisition of this special talent has to do with capital gain on a personal, professional, technical and linguistic level. In this post, we will concentrate on what I have perceived during more than 15 years working as a “Headhunter” and what I consider to be the most remarkable aspect of an experience in another country: to become a better person.

FEB 08 2016